Cultural Humility Training Bolsters Quality Mental Health Care

Inclusive mental health care, studies show, depends on culturally centered approaches built on a foundation of cultural humility. Modern Health’s pioneering new whitepaper brings you up to date.

No one doubts the need for more diversity among mental health professionals. But research confirms it’s not enough. Essential to better outcomes: Providers trained in cultural humility—appreciating the dimensions of cultural identity most important to the individual while recognizing that their cultural experience can’t be learned or fully understood.

This whitepaper is your field guide to:
  • The urgency of cultural humility training. (Spoiler alert: It’s more important than cultural competence.)
  • The essential elements of cultural humility development and measurement.
  • The all-important pathway from cultural humility to belonging.
  • Ensuring access to culturally centered care.

Download the whitepaper and gain a modern perspective on effective, inclusive mental health care.


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