Scale your talent needs at high speed with project RPO
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Are you looking to rapidly increase your talent capacity and need agile recruitment support on sourcing and screening?

How can businesses ensure they are finding the right talent at the right time in an increasingly competitive market that will support continued sustainability and growth? Whether you’re trying to recruit 100s of customer service professionals for your peak season, launching a new location or business unit, or are seeing a spike or resurgence in demand for your company’s services — you need talent and you need it quickly to keep your business moving forward.

Two software companies each had their own unique challenges in the market. To support their ambitions for growth, they needed the expertise, speed and agility to overcome their recruitment challenges to fill the necessary roles within a short time frame.

The project was a success, fulfilling 30 and 20 roles respectively for each organisation within the 3-month contract. These new hires have allowed the organizations to expand their business and continue to move forward with their plans for growth.

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