Create Effective Training In 7 Minutes Or Less

Organizations are faced with a monumental challenge: How do you transfer skills and knowledge to employees that helps them feel empowered to effectively do the jobs they are tasked with?

And, how do you do this in a non-disruptive way that helps your employees feel connected and engaged while increasing the retention and implementation of relevant concepts, and doesn't take all week to create?

Knowledge transfer can help close the skills gap between employers’ needs and employees’ abilities. This skills gap costs employers $60 billion dollars per year. To complicate this even further, many skills are not transferred between employees and are lost forever. In fact, research demonstrates that 42 percent of company skills are known only by one person.

Video-based microlearning content can be easily captured and shared widely and available on demand in the flow of work. It is also 83% easier to recall and helps organizations transfer knowledge to their workforce in an engaging and effective way.

This exclusive e-book will help you create effective training for your employees in 7 minutes or less.

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