Beamery Talent Index - Second Edition

In the fierce battle for talent, businesses across the globe continue to grapple with a tremendous amount of rapid change. As workers call for employers to meet their evolving needs, organisations must now adopt a truly Talent First approach. This research shines the spotlight on the widening gap between employee optimism, and the retention issues plaguing businesses as The Great Resignation continues.

This report compiles responses from 5000 office workers across the UK and US, and has identified that more than half are considering leaving their current role within the next 12 months. Concerns about remote working impacting career progression clash with preferences to maintain flexible working schedules as the majority of respondents admit that the pandemic gave them time to decide to look for new opportunities, or to change career paths and goals entirely. It also highlights the differing opinions across age groups, which may concern some employers as they work to reignite suffering company cultures.

Do employers understand what matters to employees in a post-COVID workplace, and are they really doing enough to keep high achievers engaged and committed.

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