Why internal mobility is imperative during the war on talent.

Capitalise on the power of your existing workforce.

As the competition for talent rises to new levels, and talent shortage is increasing, internal mobility plays an important role in filling the vacancy gap. Work Trend Index from Microsoft shows that 41% of talent is considering leaving you for an outside job opportunity within the next year. This means that you need to pay extra attention to retaining key talent and you can do so by developing your existing talent and offering clear and exciting career paths.

Capitalise on the power of your existing workforce, evaluate it and fill vacancies internally, and thereby resolving multiple HR challenges such as talent shortage, low talent retention rates, and it contributes to your employer brand. Did you know that internal mobility increases employee engagement by up to 30 percent, and vastly decreases your talent acquisition costs?

Download our internal mobility guide and find out how to properly mobilise your top source of talent and solve major HR challenges.



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