5 ways to develop a modern always on talent mobility strategy

Are you overlooking your top source of talent?

As market conditions rapidly evolve, your business needs shift, hiring picks back up, and so does the competition for qualified talent. You might be busy adding new roles and filling them with external talent, but are you overlooking your top source of talent - your current employees?

Instead of competing with other employers for outside talent, you can save time and reduce costs by making new open roles available to your current employees. Research indicates that it costs up to six times as much to hire externally rather than build talent from within an organisation. By embracing internal talent mobility and moving your current employees to new roles, projects and gigs, you can drive business agility and support employees’ long-term career growth.

Although 79% of HR leaders believe internal mobility is important to their talent management strategy, only 30% are satisfied with their ability to meet goals in this area.

Download our e-book and find out 5 ways to develop an agile and always on talent mobility strategy that will help you meet the changing business needs and allows your organisation to thrive in times of uncertainty.



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